Kari Hollandsworth

CEO at Golden Spread Electric Cooperative

Ms. Hollandsworth joined Golden Spread in 2009 as an Energy Analyst. She has gained broad experience serving in multiple roles, including Resource Planning Administrator, Electric Trading Manager and Director of Finance, Forecasting and Risk. Most recently, she has been Vice President of Commercial and Asset Operations with responsibility for market operations and power supply activities, ensuring that initiatives and operations are aligned with the strategic direction provided by the Golden Spread Board of Directors. Ms. Hollandsworth was Golden Spread’s 14th employee and has been with the organization through a period of rapid growth, which involved expansion of the cooperative’s generation fleet and the development of the organization’s current strategic initiatives. Prior to joining Golden Spread, Ms. Hollandsworth worked at Xcel Energy for 11 years. She holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and business management from Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.